About Me

My name is Tom Baldwin. I’m a veteran Brazilianist with a passion for startups and entrepreneurship. I’ve spent a little over a year living and working in Brazil at different points in time. I’m a dual citizen of Mexico and the US. I’m a student at Wharton / Lauder.  This blog chronicles a 5 week adventure in São Paulo that began in December of 2012. I’m here to build relationships, explore opportunities, and work on a few ideas of my own. Find me on linkedin and twitter.


  1. Fábio Arruda

    Dear Thomas,
    I work for Zocprint, a startup that wants to bring innovation for the Latin America printing industry for SMEs, inspired by what other companies have been doing specially in USA and Europe. We are backed by Rocket-Internet. I´ve been appreciating your posts about Rocket, in general they are accurated – although I disagree that an IPO is likely to happen. But as you mentioned that printing industry is a dark pool that would “unlikely to attract the attention of predators like Rocket Internet” I decided to let you know about us. Feel free to contact me.

  2. Ron Schechter

    Hello Tom, I’m also a Wharton grad, entrepreneur, and Brazil expert. I work in healthcare market research, and also have other projects. Feel free to link on Linked In. Thanks! Best regards, Ron

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